With the cost of home heating fuel constantly on the rising in Seattle, WA there’s never been a better time to explore alternative means of heating your home. Heat Pumps are a great way to heat your home that draws heat from the air outside your house, just like an air conditioner does.

And just like an air conditioner, heat pumps can be used to cool your home. With a heat pump there’s no need for separate heating and cooling systems, the heat pump does it all. And of course, heat pumps are better for the environment as there’s no burning of fossil fuels like gas, propane or oil.

At Precision Heating, Inc we offer a complete range of home heat pump installations and repairs. We’re Seattle’s heat pump experts and are eager to help save you energy by installing a new heat pump in your home.

Have an older heat pump that’s too noisy or simply not doing the job? Usually an older heat pump simply requires some minor maintenance and adjustment to get back on track. Precision Heating will gladly restore you older heat pump and get it running in no time.

Save money and energy this winter with a new heat pump. To schedule a free estimate, please call us!

amana heat pumpsPrecision uses heat pumps that are quarantined for the life. Of course we can install just about any brand like Trane, Lennox or York heat pumps.

For long-lasting performance, install an Amana brand central air conditioning system in your home. Keep your home cool, save energy costs, and enjoy what we believe to be industry-leading warranty protection. Compare the features and benefits of an Amana brand central air conditioning system and you will discover why more and more homeowners choose the Amana brand. To find the highest efficiency heat pump system for your home, look for the higher SEER numbers.


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